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working for a living

2015-04-29 12:47:34 by allcreator

any and all work in animation is permanently on hiatus. I am sorry to say that the only thing you will see these days MAY just be artwork. I now clean crappers for a grocery store and am pretty pissed about it. but living in the middle of nowhere with no car sorta gives you no chance for any opportunities. even though my life sucks ass I still try to get some drawing done here and there. but as far as animating goes I am only able to do work for friends and commissions. sorry to anyone who was looking forward to any new animations. but hey, at least I will still be hanging around with my artwork. even checking out works of others while I'm at it. thanks for any and all continuing support. you guys are awesome!

Happy new year everyone!

2014-01-04 11:26:00 by allcreator

more news to come

WOW I did it!

2013-12-24 05:30:20 by allcreator

I can't belive it but I actually finished my Welcome to Nothingness Holiday special! Its called Welcome to Christmas and teaches us 3 things we shouldnt do this christmas. I got to admit the animation is a little choppy on some things and I cut out the sound effects since the music pretty much set the tone and I didnt whant corny zipping and swooshing to ruin it. but all in all I'm pleased with it and I hope you all will be as well!

Happy Holidays from all of us here in the Nothingness!4135486_138788098761_xmascharacard.png

Christmas special?

2013-12-23 04:48:05 by allcreator

so I have the next 2 days off of work (b4 christmass) and I have decided to use that time and make a christmass special! it will probubly be a short 30 secound thing. But I feel like I havent been posting any animations latly. I should atleast do something to wish everyone happy holidays! so this christmass I'm going to be posting a video of the 3 things you shouldnt do on christmass! it will be called "Welcome to Christmass" and will introduce Chara. (sortta) who is going to narrorate the animation. I allready wrote everything last night so heres to hoping I can pull off a mirical and have this done by Christmass :D


As far as my next episode of Welcome to nothingness goes its still being wraped up. I have been working on the backgrounds and putting the finishing touches on some of the fighting scenes. but as stated last month I wont be able to do anything BIG with it untill the holidays are over and I can focuse on it. I will still keep working on peaces of art and posting my old pencil+paper works just to keep things busy here.


Hope everyone has a happy new year!

More sad news (with a silver lining)

2013-11-25 03:39:52 by allcreator

Welp, here is another update about the next episode of welcome to nothingness. its happily more then half way finished (like 65% done) but unfortunately because of the holiday season I'm working a little longer then I want to. so Most of the work I have to do (music, lip-sync, sound effects, and backgrounds) will be taking allot longer then they should. so were looking at another month until there finished at the most. once the holidays are over I can resume my normal schedule.

But at least there is a silver lining to all of this. some of you may notice I started uploading more artwork. its because Ive finished porting all of my pictures from my laptop to my desktop (yay!) so I can once again start posting 1 piece of my old artwork a day.

And the last bit of news I have is about music. I've been looking for music to use in my welcome to nothingness series. background music. so if you (or your friend) would like to donate some it would help me out. you will get full credit for your work. just post something in the comments and I will be happy to send you a message with further details.

Again I'm sorry for the delay. Here, have a look at this cute pixie picture I drew for a friend :D

More sad news (with a silver lining)

sorry, about this late update. but my animation is coming along wonderfully! I may hit a snag though next week (thanksgiving holiday will be keeping me busy) but I'm still gonna try to get my next animation up by the end of the month. the only problem I'm having is with my current fight scene and my character Tiy (I know, stupid name). she is a tigress and of course has stripes... this makes the frame by frame animation I'm doing with her vary difficult since she has about 100 stripes on her body... I still have 40 frames left b4 I color all of the 1000 or so frames she is in. (for that scene alone) so I'm kinda hoping I can get this out in time. if not I will make another update. here Is a picture of Tiy just so you guys know what I'm dealing with. imagine having to draw this a thousand times :/ (for the animation I gave her short shorts XP)

Welcome to Nothingness ep2 (Update!) Tigers = hell!

Got a question today...

2013-11-12 12:58:40 by allcreator

"why don't you make a parody. there relatable and the majority of online animation is parody's so you could get away with it!" -Anonymous

someone posted this in my inbox the other day. I don't know who it was but I feel that I can answer it honestly. I don't do parody's simply for the reason that I would hate to take credit for something someone else worked hard to make simply for my entertainment. It's true I do see allot of people becoming "Immortalized" by making Pokemon parody's or even game grumps parody's (of witch I have done) but I immediately regret doing things like that and I just cant help but beat myself up for it. so I guess what I'm really saying is that I want to do what I love doing MY OWN WAY. and that freedom to create is something immeasurable. so while I do see the benefits to doing parody's, I just could not live with myself if all I did was parody's. call me crazy :P

I got nothin...

2013-11-09 04:20:12 by allcreator

until my laptop stops hogging the bong I'm not gonna be posting any new art for a little bit. (most of my work is on my laptop) but if I do create anything on my desktop I will definitely post it here. but I'm currently working on Episode2 of Welcome to Nothingness so Unless I'm feeling plucky, no stills for a while... :C (PS: Starting to notice money makes the world go round. ever notice?)

I got nothin...

Sneak Peek!

2013-11-05 13:17:14 by allcreator

Here is a sneak peek at my next episode of Welcome to Nothingness! in This (unfinished) scene Justins arms are caught in the neck fat of a Trol! oh, dear...

Sneak Peek!

Its here!

2013-10-31 00:53:45 by allcreator

My first episode of Welcome to Nothingness is out now! If you wanna help me out go ahead, check it out, rate, and review it! I may need some voice actors for any future episode so if your interested let me know :D (post a comment here)