Entry #15

working for a living

2015-04-29 12:47:34 by allcreator

any and all work in animation is permanently on hiatus. I am sorry to say that the only thing you will see these days MAY just be artwork. I now clean crappers for a grocery store and am pretty pissed about it. but living in the middle of nowhere with no car sorta gives you no chance for any opportunities. even though my life sucks ass I still try to get some drawing done here and there. but as far as animating goes I am only able to do work for friends and commissions. sorry to anyone who was looking forward to any new animations. but hey, at least I will still be hanging around with my artwork. even checking out works of others while I'm at it. thanks for any and all continuing support. you guys are awesome!


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2015-04-29 16:36:07

ugh I know that feeling too well, even now that my hours are cut a bit I still want to find more time. psh you'll never get rid of the animation and art lol, I'm not too worried that if you're determined, a hard worker and have a positive attitude that possibilities will open up!


2015-05-02 01:39:39