Got a question today...

2013-11-12 12:58:40 by allcreator

"why don't you make a parody. there relatable and the majority of online animation is parody's so you could get away with it!" -Anonymous

someone posted this in my inbox the other day. I don't know who it was but I feel that I can answer it honestly. I don't do parody's simply for the reason that I would hate to take credit for something someone else worked hard to make simply for my entertainment. It's true I do see allot of people becoming "Immortalized" by making Pokemon parody's or even game grumps parody's (of witch I have done) but I immediately regret doing things like that and I just cant help but beat myself up for it. so I guess what I'm really saying is that I want to do what I love doing MY OWN WAY. and that freedom to create is something immeasurable. so while I do see the benefits to doing parody's, I just could not live with myself if all I did was parody's. call me crazy :P


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2013-11-13 10:03:36

God bless U SIR!


2013-11-13 11:08:09

I used to have random pms like that too.
Even now I still do and it confuses me.